Why your business needs a mobile website?

November 30th, 2011

I really hope your business has a website. But wait that is not good enough. You can reap more benefits by having a mobile website.

What is a mobile website?

A mobile website is a website that is optimized to fit in small screens, easy to navigate by using touch interface (fingers) and easy to read on a smart phone web browsers.

You might say now, why do I want to spend time and money in optimizing your website for smart phones? Well to answer your question take a look at this nice info-graphics by Microsoft who explained the state of current mobile market, its future and how your customers are using it.


To Summarize the above presenation

1. Out of 4 billion phones in the world,  more than 1 billion phones are smart phones. It tells you that more and more of your customers either already have smart phone or is going to have one very soon and Desktop/Laptop usage will reduce over time.

2. More than half of the searches are done via mobile devices. Thanks to your Search Engine optimization (SEO) efforts they can find your business using search engines like google, bing or yahoo. Now they are going to visit your website using their smart phones. Oops! Look at the image below which one is easier to read? Yep the mobile website. Mind you that these customers are on the move and they want to find directions to your store or view your menu or services provided or products or store hours. It will be frustrating and bad experience for the mobile user to navigate through your website if it is not optimized. The average customer will go back to search engine after spending 3 seconds on your site. But if your site is mobile website, it is easier to navigate and read and the changes are you might get their business.

3. Do you know that your customers have their mobile phones next to them almost all the time? Yes even when they are watching TV or even sleeping. An average american spends 2.7 hours socializing from their mobile smart phones. Did you say that you have spent time and money on Facebook pages, Online advertisement, Search Engine optimization. Great job!! All those are important.

  • 600 million+ user base on facebook uses facebook mobile
  • 50% if 165 million twitter tweets and follow using their smart phone
  • By 2014 internet usage on smart phones is going to take over the desktop internet usage

But now because your average customer is spending lot of time on their mobile phones, there are lot of chances that they are going to visit your website from the above channels via a smart phone only to find out that your website is not optimized and hence hard to navigate and therefore they go back to socializing on their smart phone. Another reason why your business need a mobile website.

Now you got the picture.  In order for you take advantage of your every growing mobile customers, you need a mobile website? Luckily optimizing a mobile website is easy. You can still have your normal website and optimize it for mobile devices. We can help you in optimizing your website for mobile. We  have optimized websites to mobile websites and also have experience in converting your online shopping cart to mobile shopping cart. For example if you visit our site on your smart phone, you will be navigates to mobile friendly website. Also if you visit, you can see our online food ordering system that is a mobile web solution that is created by us.

For a free one hour consultation on how we can help in optimizing your website to mobile website, please contact us. Looking forward to optimizing your website to mobile website and making your mobile customers happy in turn increasing your business.