According to SmartInsights, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014.* We design custom mobile solutions for your business, exposing your data and services through rich interactive web, mobile and Android applications.

We extend your solutions to the Web, Mobile and Android

Get a head start with Protolith SAAS. Our .NET 4.0 SAAS starter kit gets your web app off the ground. We’ve developed a unique platform that delivers data to your mobile applications using a REST interface. With Protolith, you can enable mobile quickly and extend access to the data and services your customers need.

Speed is only half the story. Our expert UX team can design your application, building rich user experiences with JavaScript, Backbone, HTML5 and CSS3.

Check out our SAAS start kit and services below:
Access Your Data Anywhere

Access Your Data Anywhere

Stay in touch with touchscreen technology. Our line-of-business Android apps move beyond web mobile to offer a richer user experience, drawing on native features like Near Field Communication, GPS, BlueTooth, Push Notifications and Contact Management. We sync your data with existing backend services, providing instant access anywhere you have a connection. We help further extend your Android features through services like Urban Airship, Push Woosh and Zebra Mobile Printer integration.
Tablet, Data Sync, and Mobile


Tablet apps let you collect and manage critical data on the go, staying connected when you don't have a laptop.

Data Sync

Create new information on your Android tablet or mobile device and send it back to your main office.


Native apps allow you access to the newest phone features and provide the highest level of responsiveness.

Mobile & Web

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Support your application across multiple devices

Support your application across multiple devices

Share information. Stay involved. Connect multiple devices with our responsive mobile web apps, using Backbone.js, CSS3 and HTML5 to create an experience similar to a native web app. As phone and tablet technology advances, mobile apps are growing more and more dynamic and responsive – and we embrace this trend to create apps that cross platforms effortlessly. Share the mobile experience: great web on the go.
Multiple Devices powered by Backbone.js, HTML5, and CSS3

Multiple Devices

We support multiple mobile web browsers from a single code base, reducing costs and making your app cross-device compatible.


Backbone is a library that allows us to create and manage complex JavaScript applications. As your app grows, we can help keep the complexity in check.


HTML5 and CSS3 enable rich web experiences through features like animations, media queries, responsive design and reduced page sizes.
Choose from popular platforms like .NET, Wordpress and Phonegap


We use ASP.NET MVC 4 to build dynamic apps and RESTful APIs. Protolith, our SAAS starter kit, utilizes MVC 4 for the base web and REST API.


Wordpress is a community driven CMS great for marketing, blog and content driven sites. Themes and plugins allow for heavy customization.


Support Android, iPhone and handheld devices with the PhoneGap framework. PhoneGap bridges native phone support through JavaScript.

Protolith SAAS

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Focus on Core Features

Focus on Core Features

Software as a service (SAAS) applications allow customers to access your business-specific processes or data on their own website. Save time and money with Protolith, our starter kit for developing ASP.NET MVC based SAAS applications.

Protolith offers tenant management, recurring billing, user management and extension points for incorporating your custom business processes and data. Your customers need you. Stay focused on your core services with Protolith.
Tenant, Users, and Billing


Create individual tenants (application instances) for your clients. Our software separates data logically in one database or physically across multiple databases.


Create users for each tenant with a defined role. Owners can manage all tenants, while admins manage a specific tenant and that tenant’s users.


Provide recurring billing for your tenants through Stripe integration. Stripe is a simple REST-based API for accepting one-time and recurring payments.