Innovative ways of sharing info using your smart phones without hardware limitations

January 12th, 2013

I get inspired when an individual take a problem (silly or serious) and comes up with a solution and start a business around solving that problem. One of my favorite is “Bump”. Now that most people especially who are in business side have smart phones, there is no need to share their business cards and manually enter that info. Folks at Bump has solved that annoying problem. ¬†Yes, the recent samsung and other NFC phones are solving that problem using different technology but it is still limited to hardware limitations for the time being.

Now putting on my engineering hat, I was curious on how Bump works. Is it using peer to peer network or bluetooth or some other protocols. But what if they have more than 2 people who bumped it at the same time. How about the security? My mind started spinning with problems and solutions at the same time randomly. Couldn’t resist, ¬†quickly ran out of shower to see how they are solving this problem. I am so glad that folks at Bump explained how it works. But I am still curious on how that quantum mechanics work to match the right bump as they have millions of users across the world.

What other annoying problems do you experience and how can you solve them using your smart phone?