Google Chromecast Review and my disappointment

September 10th, 2013

So I was thrilled that I got my Chromecast the other day. But other than the price, I was not impressed as I expected little bit more from Google.

The reason I was thrilled about this gadget is  I am always in search of mirroring my mobile screen (iPhone, Android) to TV or Projector without any wires. So I thought this is it as it is from Google. I have tried other software based solutions like Air Mirroring but the performance is not that good. Also I tried other Android on Stick type of devices but the setup and mirroring process is too cumbersome.

For entertainment purposes, I have tried Apple TV and Roku. Apple TV allows mirroring and the upcoming OS update will allow you to even use TV as second monitor without any wired connections. One of the biggest problem with Apple TV is its lack of support for Android Devices or Windows. I want to use the Android Device as remote sometimes or cast the content from Android /Windows to TV/Projector. So that is not for me although, the streaming of videos on this device is awesome.

Then I found Roku 3 which is the answer for everything other than the mirroring of non multimedia stuff. But Roku allows mirroring of Photos and Videos from the both Android and IOS. Another awesome feature of this device is the ability to use a channel called Twonky Beam to play videos that are not available as channels from your PC or Mac. But still it doesn’t mirror my laptop screen or any mobile device screen.

I guess with Chromecast I wish there is full mirroring support at least for the Android Devices. But luckily for us App developers Google has released SDK for IOS, Android and Chrome to extend the apps to enable chrome cast so I am happy about that. But that does mean that hopefully app developers for popular apps will enable this feature.

So I am still waiting for a device that can enable to mirror what ever we are seeing on our devices ( mac, windows, IOS, Android) without any lag. Or Google will extend their Solution to enable this in future atleast with Windows and Android platform. I highly doubt that it will be possible with IOS without Jail Breaking.

So if you are looking to mirror from Popular Apps like Netflix, Google play and any content from Chrome tab you will be happy with Chromecast. I am sure that in near future there will be more app with Chromecast feature but for now the options are limited and the marketing is kind of misleading as it doesn’t specifically tell that you can mirror only those limited options. The setup is easy and the streaming and viewing experience is great too for the price.

I am sure that Chromecast will keep on improving and there will be more apps and more mirroring support as the time goes. Developers what amazing apps are you dreaming to develop with ChromeCast ? For now I will be using Roku 3 for watching videos, casting photos videos from my IOS and Android devices but I will keep an eye on Chromecast.