Easiest way to find and launch applications on android

January 31st, 2013

If you are a heavy android user with tons of apps on your device, no matter how your organize your apps, it’s not easy to find the app at the right moment. You end up scrolling pages left and right and then sometimes end up going back to the applications to see if you can find it there.

Well it is frustrating and there is an easy way to view all the apps in alphabetical order with an option to show only apps that you installed. In addition you can start typing and the apps filter and you launch the app you want.

Want to know how? Easy, download this free app “Search N Launch” from the google play store by following the link below and see for yourself on how fast you can search and launch the apps.



As you can see in the screenshot when launch the Search N Launch app you have the options to see all the apps you installed and search by their titles.





Suppose you want to search for Kindle, you will start typing “kin” and as shown below all the other apps get filtered and only apps that contains “kin” will show up and you can launch your app there.



In the very near future, we are going to launch a premium app with the following additional features that will make this app more valuable

1. A widget that you can place on your screen where you can start searching and launch it right from there
2. Voice Command to search and filter the apps by name
3. Uninstall the app right from the app. No need to go through the settings and uninstall from there as it is confusing
4. List of Recently launched apps
4. Ad Free, of course!!

Want to get notified when we release this app or do you have suggestions for features that you want to see? Email us at with the feature you want to see or suggestions and will notify you when we release the premium version of the app.